ITMG 340 Assignment Page

Assignment One  (30 points) DUE  TUE 10 September 2019

assignment two (25 points) DUE TUE 10 September 2019

assignment three web evaluation and topic(50 points) DUE THR 12 September 2019

assignment four (50 points) web evaluation discussions DUE 17 September 2019 in print and electronic copy

assignment five (70 points) wordpress topic and presentation DUE 19/24/26 September 2019

exam one  (100 points)

assignment six (90 points) completed pacific trails resort site (from paper handouts three, foursix)

ssignment seven (10 points) modify pacific trails resort site to be your personal website with links to all work in ITMG 340

assignment eight (80 points) chapter five from adobe book (page layout)

assignment nine(25 points) chapter six from adobe book (templates)

assignment ten (10 points) chapter seven from adobe book (lists and tables)


final project (website (200 points), paper documentation/writeup (150 points))

Kody Allen Pi Kappa Phi
Sammy Walker PHOROX gamecube
Thalia Rosette Jinx and Jane
Francisco Alvarez FIDO (Fiesta Island Dog Owners)
Maggie Godfrey PETA 
Blanca Diaz Purpose Cosmetics
Amy Cotton Kappa Alpha Theta
Ben Sterbach Sterbach & Style
Michael Lee TAS Hawaii LLC
Nicole Bridgeman Pimp Society
Jake Schultz Switchup