Assignment One-- The Email Assignment DUE Tuesday 10 September 2019

This assignment is important because 1:--it allows me to build a discussion listserv so I can send email messages to the class 2-- it allows me to get to know you, your background,  and your expectations, and 3-- it allows me to be able to get in touch with you in case of emergency. The only difficulty of the assignment is whether or not your send me the email correctly as what you put in the subject line makes a difference! Your subject line should read ITMG 340 Assignment One. This is done because I receive a large amount of email each day and I use folders to organize my incoming email. If you fail to use the correct subject heading your assignment will get placed into the dark black hole abyss folder and it will not be seen by me--and you will not receive credit!!!!!

Also note that you should use always use ITMG 340 in the subject line for any correspondence!

What Information should be in your email
Full Name
Preferred Name (nickname)
Phone Number
Describe your experience and comfort level with computers
What prior IS courses have you taken? Is this class required or elective?
What was the best class that you have had at USD? Why? Who was the instructor?
What do you expect to get out of this class, ie. any interest in a specific topic or what would make this class be considered a 'home run' to you?
What do you like to do for fun, hobbies, interests?

also please attach a picture of yourself to the email (if you don't have one let me know)

At the very end of the email you need to type (verbatim) the following words:
I have read over the syllabus for ITMG 340 section 1 and understand it completely. I also acknowledge that in order to receive the grade I desire I must obtain the exact point value or greater. I also understand that Dr. Rebman will not be able to round up because he is using a technical-based program to calculate grades. Lastly, I understand that Dr. Rebman cannot give me a grade but rather that I have to earn it.

                                (write out your name again)