ITMG 350 Assignment Page
**tentative subject to change**

Assignment One (15 points) due 1 February

Assignment Two (25 points) due 4 February and presentation in class 6 February

Assignment Three  (15 points) Case Study Chapter One Home Depot  due 8 February 2017
Write a report on the questions at the end of the case. For information on how to write a case study click here.

Assignment Four (35 points) due 13 February

Assignment Five  Milligan's (25 points) due  15 February [adjusted to 20 FEB] [example of milligans paper solution]

Assignment Six  Francisco Lawn Care File  (25 points)  due 20 February [adjusted to 22 feb] check out this quick 9 minute video link for doing a VLOOKUP and AMMORTIZATION TABLE for this assignment

Assignment Seven   Maxi's Grocery Mart (25 points)  due 27 February no file provided

Assignment Eight Klein Technology Seminar (30 points) due 6 March download file here

Exam ONE (100 points) due 13  March  Exam One Grading Rubric          

Assignment Ten (20 points) due 3 April Client/Server Network Activity

Assignment Nine 
(50 points) due 10 April IT Infrastructure Written Assignment
[here is written sol example] handout from class

Assignment Eleven (30 points) due 7  April Megan Davis  Convention Center    download file here

Assignment Twelve (35 points) due 17 April Kokos  koko4.accdb koko4.xls 

Assignment Thirteen (40 points) due  19 April SS Special Sauces   (no data file needed)

Assignment Fourteen  (40 points) due 24 April Friends in Need

Assignment Fifteen (40 points) due 1 May Second Time Around Movies

Assignment Sixteen (50 points)

Mark's Collectibles download file here