Tentative Schedule for ITMG 340 FALL 2019
note subject to change


Day Date Month Topics Covered Readings Assignments
thr 5 sept into to course/web design environment and tools the environment and tools  
tue 10 sept the environment and tools/publishing fundamentals publishing fundamentals assignment 1, assignment 2
thr 12 sept website evaluation/intro to word press   assignment 3
tue 17 sept website assessment/presentation   assignment 4
thr 19 sept getting started with dreamweaver/html L1/L2  
tue 24 sept planning a successful website 1    
thr 26 sept css/web design  basics L3/L4 assignment 5
tue 1 oct planning a successful website 2    
thr 3 oct EXAM ONE    
tue 8 oct creating a page layout L5  
thr 10 oct creating a page layout L5  
tue 15 oct working with templates L6 assignment 6
thr 17 oct working with templates L6  
tue 22 oct working with templates L6  
thr 24 oct responsive design L7 assignment 7
tue 29 oct responsive design L7  
thr 31 oct typography/working with text L7  
tue 5 nov graphics L8 assignment 8
thr 7 nov graphics L8  
tue 12 nov forms L9 assignment 9
thr 14 nov forms L9  
tue 19 nov navigation L9 assignment 10
thr 21 nov interactivity L10 assignment 11
tue 26 nov testing website for perfomance L11 assignment 12
thr 28 nov thanksgiving    
tue 3 dec javascript L12 assignment 13
thr 5 dec javascript L12 assignment 14
tue 10 dec third party applications   assignment 15
thr 12 dec third party applications    
tue 17 dec FINAL