ITMG 494 Assignments Page

Assignment One (20 points) due 6 sept 2016

In class assignment 8 sept 25 points

Assignment Two (30 points)  Project Selection Assignment due 15 sept 2016

Assignment Three (30 points) Create a list/timeline of activities that would be necessary to conduct a Halloween Party (due 20 Sept 2016)

Assignment Four (25 points) External Project Management Website Review Visit due 27 Sept 2016

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Exam One (100 points) due thursday 13 oct 2016
 Exam One Grading Rubrics

Holiday Challenge


Assignment Five (20 points) due  write up column for sunday mass bulletin due thurs 27 oct 2016

Assignment Six (30 points) due  Excel due  tues 1 nov 2016


Assignment Seven Blood Drive One  (40 points)

Assignment Eight Blood Drive Two (40 points)


other assignments for extra credit

assignment ten business plan (20 points)
assignment eleven bathroom remodel plan (30 points)
assignment twelve landscaping (30 points)
assignment thirteen manufacturing (30 points)
assignment fourteen basement construction project (30 points)
assignment fifteen convention (30 points)


exam two prep pmgt


FINAL PROJECT (240 points) due  Tuesdau 20 December 2016 using the template provided from previous years drives, update this document to reflect this years activiites as well as concrete plans of actions for each of the areas of marketing, recruitment, engagement of stakeholders. In addition, take the photos/and other footages and turn it into a montage that can use to show to current and future Holliday Challenge supporters.  The final deliverables would be a combindation of a written report, videos, or photo montage book, announcements of results/winners or flyers, etc.