ITMG 350 SPRING 2017 Exam One (link to word docx)

Exam One Grading Rubric

Question One (Chapter One)| [10 points]
Explain the changes in recent years in society, especially with regard to in technology usage, and Include examples of both what has happened and what these trends suggest for the future, i.e. what are your predictions for the future.

[assist--article from nature on Moore's law]

Question Two (Chapter Two) [5 points]
What is the difference between information technology,  information systems, and computer science?

Question Three (Chapter Two) [10 points]
Imagine the following scenario: You manage a table restaurant in your town. You have been asked to implement wireless table ordering using portable wireless (e.g., palm) devices.  This is clearly a situation where you need to design an Information System.  Use the framework from the book and the internet to identify the most important components that will make up such Information System (be specific to the example of the restaurant). Note, you are asked to list the components you will need, not to troubleshoot this implementation effort

Question Four (Chapter Three) [10 points]
The retail home improvement chain you work for, DIY Discount, has noticed that one of its brands of faucets is not selling nearly as well as anticipated. What information systems of the business will you use to determine the reason for the poor sales? Discuss what information you will retrieve from which system. Which of the information systems will be most important for your analysis? Which of the systems will be least important?

Question Five (Chapter Three) [10 points]
Describe the terms business intelligence, big data and CRM. Discuss one business application solution for each.

Question Six (Chapter Four) [5 points]
Define what a disruptive technology is, list one example and describe the effect it has on their industry. Also, discuss how existing firms should react when faced with new technology that may be disruptive to their industry.

[assist - article from HBR on disruptive technology]

Question Seven [15 points]
The city of San Diego is currently planning on installing 3200 smart streetlights. There was a show on CBS called Person of Interest that focused on AI machines that watched, collected data, analyzed patterns of people, and made predictions/judgments. What are the major issues concerning privacy in the information age and how does the proposed smart streetlights and potential AI machines play a role in these issues? Do you believe the need for homeland and national security should overrule some of the personal privacy and information rights we have previously taken for granted? Why or why not?

article on City of San Diego and 3200 smart street lights

Person of Interest How the Machine was Built
Person of Interest Dialogue between two AI builders
Person of Interest Not to Save Someone but to save everybody
Person of Interest If-Then-Else-The Chess Lesson

Person or Computer Could You Pass the Turing Test

Mind Mapping/Prezi Question [35 points]
Download and install a mindmapping program either Mindmeister iPad  or Prezi application, or some other similar program of your preference (note: both applications allow you to do your work on your desktop.). Create a map file that illustrates the main concepts of the chapter. Hint: start with the main chapter topic and then map/layer the subtopics in an organized fashion as a learning study tutorial that others can follow.

Sample Chapter Two

Sample Chapter Three

Anthony Beinar 12  
Patrick Bollinger 2  
Bjorn Chuah 11  
Cameron Cooke 4  
Andrew Gardner 13  
Spencer Glazzy 1  
Salvador Llamas 10  
Franchesca Perales 6  
Wenxin Qiu 5  
Anthony Salame 8  
Brandon White 7