ITMG 320 Decision Making and Data Visualization Activity due  7 February 2021 (Sunday 11 AM) and later in class on 9 February 2021


Corporations, organizations, individuals all have to make decisions every day. These decisions range from low level cognitive involvement and consequence (i.e. like what to have for lunch), to mid-level range (i.e. like what product to advertise for a given quarter), and high-level range (i.e. which country to decide to expand/enter into). And of course there are many other decisions that fall in between this range.


What is certain is that there are often many variables that affect the cognitive process that leads to a final determination. In addition to the many variables that can be involved there are issues related to the process of data collection and analysis. Just as their different types of decisions to be made there are different types of decision analysis.


The object of this activity is to make a decision/prediction of the future, more specifically, the outcome of the Super Bowl. Over 106 million people watched the 2010 SuperBowl which translated into about 68% of all television viewership. In 2020, the number was 110 million with approximately 70% share.

In addition to viewership there is much activity related to football games through fantasy football leagues and gambling. While it is hard to ascertain the exact amount of dollars investigated in gambling on football since it is done illegally the amounts are estimated to be over 200 billion annually. (Abram, Richard O., and Davies, Richard G. Betting the Line: Sports wagering in American life. The Ohio State University Press, 2001. 0-8142-5078-5.)


Your assignment for this activity is (1) to make a prediction of the winner of 'the' game (and the final score) that will be played on Sunday 7 February 2021 to describe/write how you came to your decision.


How you make your decision can vary as much as the different variables in the game. Perhaps you wish to do something simple as flipping a coin or going on your own ‘gut.’ Maybe you wish to pull a Shelly Long from ‘Cheers’ and pick based on the colors of the team or their mascots. You could go further and check out websites like,, or and see what their prediction are. Of course there are other sources like newspapers, doing a google search, or you could research the Las Vegas line. At this point in time there is no one clear cut method of obtaining the 100% correct result. 


Activity Requirements

1.      Your predictions (winner and final score) must be submitted by 11 AM Sunday 7 February 2021.

2.      On Tuesday 9 February 2021you will present to the class the method(s) that you used to select your winners. **This can take the form of a infographic, powerpoint, or outline, etc which will be the deliverable that you submit for assessment evaluation. watch this 2 min vid for visualization ideas

        a. CLICK HERE TO VIEW Examples of Previous Submissions       

3.      You will be competing against your classmates as well as the instructor program. To make things interesting I am providing you my special excel program that I created and mentioned in class. Like any other tool you might find on the web this one you will have to reverse engineer how to make it work although there are some instructions. Here is the link to the program and note that you will have to enable content because the files does contain macros (and yes microsoft will warn you that it could be dangerous).


infographic ppt


infographic activity


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