ITMG 320 Database Design and Business Intelligence Implementation​
The theory and practice of designing and modifying database management information systems for the use of business intelligence implementation. Topics include: best practices in data modeling, data normalization, and database design; database implementation methods for business use; and the use and evaluation of alternative database management software packages. Instructional methods include lecture, demonstrations, group problem-solving exercises, database design and business intelligence implementation projects, and student presentations.
ITMG 100 Introduction to Information Systems
An introduction to computer-based information systems and their role in business and other organizations. Topics include; information technology; information systems and development concepts; and application software. Emphasis on improving student skills as knowledge workers through the effective use of business productivity software and the Internet. Instructional methods include lecture, case study, hands-on projects, and student presentations.
ITMG 350 Management Information Systems
A management-oriented overview of information systems with an emphasis on ways to analyze and use information technologies from the perspective of a business professional. Topics include: international competitive uses of information systems; various ways of using information technologies in business processes, products, and services; impacts of information systems on the productivity of individuals and organizations; alternative methods for building information systems; factors leading to successful implementation of information systems; and threats and risks associated with information systems. Prerequisite: ITMG 100.
ITMG 340 Introduction to Website Design and Management
Examines the design of websites for business and organizations. Topics include: planning a website, understanding the principles and elements of effective website design, using Web development and design tools; and evaluating website effectiveness. Elements of consistent Web page design as components of overall website design are emphasized. Effective communication of concepts and analysis in written format and oral presentations is stressed. Teaching methods include class lecture, case studies, Internet laboratory research projects, and student presentations.
ITMG 494 Business/IT Project Management
Students learn how to use project management techniques for planning and controlling schedule, costs, and quality in information technology design, development, and implementation projects. Topics include cost estimating, budgeting, contract pricing, value analysis, variance analysis, post-completion audits, and use of project management software.​
Old Classes
MSSCM 577 Marketing in a Supply Chain Management Context
MSGL 531 Marketing in A Global Environment
MSIT 573 IT Project Management
MSIT 578 Website Design and Management
MSIT 526 Data Communications and Networking
MSIT 537 Information Systems Analysis and Design
MSIT 596 Directed Research Study
ITMG 360 Data Communications and Networking
ITMG 440 Advanced Web Management/Internet Programming
ITMG 494 IT for Entrepreneurs
ITMG 499 Independent Study