Research has always been a passion for me and I have striven to be as consistent since my days at Mississippi. My primary research activities have been concentrated in two main directions. The first has been to work on improving some of my conference proceedings for journal submission. The second area has been to work on new research stemming from my dissertation in the area of Speech Recognition (SR) Technology and Group Decision Support Systems (GDSS). My focus is in trying to create and solve models that seek to explain elements of the GDSS process, particularly in investigating the impact of Speech Recognition technology on human-computer interaction (HCI).

The macro-level research question seeks to determine how SRS will affect our current business practices. I have been working on several research directions in this area. One example is testing SR systems to increase satisfaction with group decision-making outcomes. I believe this holds a tremendous relevance given the importance of many decisions that organizations have to make in this strained economy. My initial results have produced evidence that participants who perceive that they have an equal opportunity to have their thoughts and comments included in the decision-making process are more likely to be in support of the outcome of the final decision.​

Another example of my research in Speech Recognition has led me to investigate how SR and HCI can assist with translation challenges in foreign countries. Previously, speech recognition and translation technologies have not been effective enough for widespread adoption. However, with the introduction of Google Translate for iPhone and Android offers new research questions. Some of the research questions not only include examining the technical efficiency of the systems, but also how the introduction of the technology affects the interpersonal communication process.​

While my main area of focus is in SR/GDSS, I have also investigated research questions in the area of Decision Support Systems, Emerging Information Technologies and Strategy, and Online/Distance Education. Some of the specific questions have been to investigate decision support systems model in assigning counsel to felony defendants, using competitive intelligence to staff police municipalities, to investigate new models of web-based course development as well as factors for online success. Future research questions I plan to investigate in these areas include measures of online course acceptance by traditional academic institutions and business employers, as well as using decision support system models in predicting the effects of new drug interaction/effects on patients without requiring invasive human and animal subject involvement.​

Overall, my research has been motivated by a personal interest combined with interaction with colleagues both within and outside of my department and I have strived to submit papers to the highest quality journals. In this endeavor, I have been successful in publishing in Communications of the ACM (average rank 2.75), Information and Management (average rank 11.89), Information Systems Journal (average rank 18.71) and Journal of Computer Information Systems (average rank 24.86). The rankings were obtained by . I would also like to comment on my large number of conference proceedings. I feel it is important not only to attend conferences to maintain visibility but to provide an intellectual contribution. I would also like to note that all I strive to have all of my conference submissions to be of journal quality—which has resulted in several conference research awards. To date I have published 60 papers.

In addition to my own personal research activities, I have worked quite extensively within the IS academic community in many capacities. I have served as a reviewer for the Communication of the ACM, Journal of Electronic Commerce Research, the Journal of Information Systems Education, Journal of Internet Commerce, Decision Sciences Institute, Southwest Decision Sciences Institute, Western Decision Sciences Institute, and the Association of Information Systems. I also serve on the editorial boards of the Journal of Computer Information Systems, the International Journal of Innovation and Learning, the International Journal of Information and Decision Sciences, and the International Journal of Information Systems and Supply Chain Management.

I also served as an officer for the Southwest Decision Sciences Institute in the capacity of Secretary, Program Chair, and currently serving as the Publication Programs Coordinator and President. I would like to note that as the Publications Programs Coordinator, I streamlined the production process to achieve a $3000 savings and as Program Chair, I instituted a new conference management system to obtain an easier submission and review process. In regards to the conference I managed, we had over 150 papers submitted by over 300 authors from 19 countries. I have also served on the Programs and Meetings Committee for the National Decision Sciences Institute.

My Research