How to Access (Open) Your Web Page Remotely in Front Page


This isn’t really a hard process to execute, HOWEVER, if you fail to enter in the information correctly, then you will not be to open up your website. So all you need to know is the following:


The EXACT address of your website

The LOGIN NAME and PASSWORD that is required for authentication.


For example purposes I will illustrate the procedure opening my own web that is on the isec student server.


Step One

Find Microsoft Office folder and open Front Page.


Step Two

From the menu bar that exists on the top of the screen, click on File and then select OPEN WEB (see picture below)





Step Three

After you click on Open Web button, the following box will appear in the middle of the screen (see below)



A couple of things to note here:

  1. Your box will most likely not look the same as the one above, as this box is showing me previous webs that I have opened up.
  2. Your box may not initially be looking in the Web Folders, it could be looking for a file on your hard drive.


What you are trying to do in this box is enter the ‘telephone’ number or ‘address’ of your website. So in the box Folder Name type in your exact URL address. (because after all your website is nothing more than a directory folders with files in it.) Your exact URL is . {and also remember that your address is case sensitive and must be exactly what you named it). Refer to the picture below for what the box looks when I am trying to open my website.




Step Four

If you have typed in your address correctly then you should receive the following authentication box (and let me know if you do not!)




At this point you need to type in your login name and password as was given to you in class. If you enter this information correctly and click on OK, your screen will look like this:



At this point, Front Page defaults to new_page_1.htm, so you can start to make a brand new page or you can click from any file on the right hand side folder list and begin to edit and make web pages!




Once you have successfully opened your web site, when you wish to open it the next time, you can skip a step and just click on FILE, and select RECENT WEBS, and it will have the name of your website. See picture below:

After you select your web site, you will then just have to repeat Step Four.