How to Import Data Into Access from Excel


Step 1 – Open Access database that you wish to import the data into. (PS. It also helps if you have the Excel sheet already set up in the table format you wish to create.


Step 2 – Click on File and Select Get External Data—Import Data—This will start the Import Wizard


If Successful you will be prompted with the following screen

At this stage you need to keep in mind two different items, First what type of file are you trying to import and where is it located. In this case we are trying to import an EXCEL file so we will need to change the ‘FILES OF TYPE’ that Access is looking for. In this example I have saved the Excel file under gba577.



At this point you highlight the file and click on IMPORT. You should now see the following screen:

 Select the worksheet that holds the data and click Next.


By Default Access asks if the First Row contains the Column Headings, in this example it does. Click Next and Continue.


You now have the option of creating a new table or placing the data in an existing table. In the movie database there is no table to place the data, so Select IN A NEW TABLE


Now Access inquires if you want to index the field or skip the field. Since the Excel file was created to allow you to conduct an easy import just Click Next and continue.


You also get three choices regarding primary keys. Again, the primary keys were already created in the employee file, so select CHOOSE MY OWN PRIMARY KEY and Click Next.



By default Access will attempt to give the table the same name as the worksheet, so in this example change the table name from Sheet1 to employees (so that you’ll later understand what information is in the table).  If you are successful the following screen should appear:



Congratulations you have just imported data from Excel into Access!