MSBA 504 Assignment Two


Due Thursday  27 August 2020  

System Design/Development Library Project


Part One Data Collection and Conversion


This assignment is meant to illustrate how ‘real’ hard copy information is obtained and transposed by computers into a form that is easy to use, access, query, and analyze. The first part of the assignment is to collect data and enter it into an Excel table. The second part of the assignment will be the conversion of this Excel data into an Access Database (which will be done in class). The data you will need to collect is the listing of articles within a journal (s) of your choice; each article title, with all relevant authors, list the journal name, the month (if applicable), the year, the volume #, the issue #, the pages that the article resides on, and any applicable article keywords. You will want to collect between 25 and 30 journal articles (this will amount to about 5-7 different journals). This information can be obtained from the library both physically and electronically.


Your Excel table set up should exactly look like the picture below. This assignment is due in the beginning of class on Thursday—you will turn it it via email and bring it to class on a USB drive (or you can send it to yourself and download it from your email in class). You should name your file specifically as “YOUR_LAST_NAME_A2.xls). You will also need to make a copy of your table of contents for each journal issue that you have entered in your excel sheet (mainly for reference in case of data entry mistakes).

Note that auth is shortened for author 3, author 4, etc. proc stands for proceedings.


From looking at the data you collected, put yourself in the mindset of the typical library patron end user. Think of any and all possible queries/questions from which the end user would need to retrieve from your database. Write out all the possible queries that you can think o