The scenario presented is a list of tasks/activities that need to be performed in the ‘project’ of obtaining employment. Generate an activity graph and determine the critical path and the least amount of days necessary to obtain a job. (Note please review all tasks as they may not be listed in sequential order and it is best to label them starting with task A)


Identify specific career field(s)     3d

Create Resume   1d

Edit Resume       .5d

Print Resume(s)   2d

Contact References         2.5d

Set appointment with recruiter  3d

Engage in recruiter appointment .5d

Research newspaper ad   .5d

Research internet                        1d

Develop contact list         .5d

Call Existing contacts       3d

Create list of new contacts/opportunities   1.67d

Call New Contacts                       4.67d

Set up interview              2d

Conduct interview           (s)        3d

Send thank you note       .5d

Consider job offers          2d

Accept job                     .5d