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Real Programmers don't use IDEs


Downloading the Java Developer's Kit and Java-Enabled Browsers.

JDK -- Java Developer's Kit (Free) Browsers that Support Java
Note that these Java compilers are non-visual, command-line systems. There are plenty of visual Java development environments, but they either cost money or require one of the following compilers to already be installed. See the Java IDEs section for more info. If you are just going to use these compilers, I strongly recommend getting a good programming editor. See the Java editors section for some good options for Windows, Unix, and MacOS.
Other Standard Java Packages

Tutorials and Examples

Making Sense of Java
Hank Shiffman has put together a collection of twelve common assertions about Java. On this page he tries to cut through the hype to find what's true, what's false, and what's only half-true. I don't always agree with what he says, but it's definitely worth reading.
Sun's Java Language Tutorial
The beginnings of a Java tutorial.
Java Diary
One man's adventures with Java, well written and very useful for beginners.
Programming Active Objects in Java
Doug Lea's explication of the philosophy of active object design using Java as the implementing language. There's lots of material about threads here.
AWT Tutorial
Nelson Yu 's preliminary tutorial about the AWT.
From Hello World to Ticker Tape in Seven Steps
Timothy Arnold's applet tutorial.
Slurp Java
Vijay Mukhi's humorous approach to learning Java.
Java and VRML
Adrian Scott has written a FAQ list about using Java with VRML and vice-versa.

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