ITMG 360 Assignment Page
Please Note that this is tentative and is subject to change.

Assignment One -  (30 points) Due 9 September 2008 4 PM

Assignment Two --(20 points) Research Topics due 16 September 2008 4 PM

Assignment Three (20 points) Internet Timeline

Assignment Four (20 points) Take Home Labs

Assignment Five (30 points) DNS
This assignment is in two parts. First, you are to conduct research on the Internet and prepare a comparison/contrast of 5 different companies that offer DNS services--including pricing, terms of contract, other offerings, and then finally providing your recommendation as to which is the best solution. PART TWO - This requires you to also engage in research activities (most likely via the Internet) in terms of legislation regarding DNS providers and other legal issues. One hint would be to start with the Telecommunications Act of 1996 and see what comes up. The second part should be a 1-2 page write up and can include copies of any relevant articles that you encounter.

Assignment Six (50 points) Research Paper Outline due 28 October 2008

Assignment Seven - (25 points) MOBO Client Recommendation Thursday 13 Nov 2008
Research on the web different companies who sell motherboards and CPU. Create a memo that provides your recommendations. Your memo should include pricing for no more than 3 alternatives along with some of major technical specifications (ie processor speed, integrated board, manufacturer). It is suggested that you rank your suggestions in order of highest recommendation to lowest, you might also want to include a small paragraph justifying your recommendation's.

For assistance you can refer to Understanding your motherboard and How to buy a motherboard and more advice on buying a motherboard

Here are some sites that sell motherboards (or sometimes referred to as MOBOs)