ITMG 360 Fall 08 Final Exam Study Guide
Listed below are the main topics that we covered in class to study for the final exam.
Remember you get to bring in your notes although I recommend that you create
a one  8 1/2 x 11 page (both sides) to save you time but you can use your book.
What is Data Communications?
The Internet's Role in Data Communication
Essential Features of Communications/Networks
Data Communication Frameworks
Data Communication History
Business Data Communications Applications
OSI Model
TCP/IP Model
What is the Internet? (ie Internet, internet, and intranet)
The History of the Internet
The World Wide Web
Important Internet Technologies
Dial-UP vs. ISP
Transmitting Encoded Data
Data Flow
Interfaces & Interface Standards
Signal Representation & Modulation
Modem Capabilities
Error Detection & Recovery
Modem/Computer Communications
Defintion of LAN, WAN, MAN
Business Rationale for LAN
LAN Alternatives
Comparison of Alternatives against each other and conventional LAN
LAN Components (ie, servers, Disk Drives, Memory, Backup)
Communication Media (Conducted, Radiated)
Frequency Spectrum
Wiring Center Options
Additional LAN Hardware
Computer Slide Lecture--how they work, the different parts
CPU, motherboard specs, sockets (special server components)
AT vs ATX cases
IPv4, IPv6
IP Classes
Reserved IP Addresses
Internet Naming Conventions
Subnet Addressing
Workstation TCP/IP Configuration
Host/Node Addressing (Static vs. Dynamic)
Domain Name System
Ports and Sockets
Internet Tools (Finger, Ping, Traceroute)
Server Configurations
Network Address Translation
LAN Topologies (Bus, Star, Ring)
Protocols (Data Link, MAC)
Token Ring
Factors Influencing LAN Selection
IEEE LAN Standards
Network Security
Windows Operating Systems