assignment one (10 points) due 31 January

Assignment Two (25 points) due 3 February and presentation in class 5 February

assignment three (20 points) due 7 February

Assignment Four (35 points) due 14 February Kokos   koko4.accdb  koko4.xls 

assignment four submission example

Assignment Five (40 points) due  19 February Susan Speciality Sauces   (no data file needed)

Assignment Six (40 points) due 21 February Friends in Need data file

Assignment Seven (40 points) due 26 February Second Time Around Movies data file

Exam One DATA ANALYSIS  CHALLENGE (100 points)

The story: A graphic/powerpoint that reflects the major findings of your data analysis.

               It can be a static images or interactive (such as JavaScript).

               It can be in the form of charts, diagrams, or an infographic.


Assignment Eight (30 points) due 21 March Granny Joans Cookies

Assignment Nine (33 points) due 26 March  ABCs Health Benefits