Tentative Schedule for ITMG 100 FALL 2019
note subject to change


Day Date Month Topics Covered Readings Assignments
thr 5 sept Intro to Class/Chapter One    
tue 10 sept Chapter One/Social Computing/  CH 1/Ch 9 Assignment One
thr 12 sept WORD/POWERPOINT     
tue 17 sept  IS & Competitive Advantage    CH 2 Assignment Two
thr 19 sept  Information Systems in the Organization CH 10  
tue 24 sept Customer Relationship Mgmt/Supply Chain Mgmt Ch 11 Assignment Three
thr 26 sept IS Security/Protecting Your Assets/Networks CH 4/TECH GUIDE  5/CH 6  
tue 1 oct IS Ethics/Legal Aspects of E-Business CH 3  
thr 3 oct LECTURE EXAM ONE CH 1,9,2,10,11,6,TG5,4,3  
tue 8 oct Intro to Excel EX L1 Assignment Four  GMETRIX [GP1]
thr 10 oct Excel Formulas and Functions EX L2 Assignment Five MyEdcuator Lesson 1
tue 15 oct Excel Logic and Reference Function EX L3 Assignment Six MyEdcuator Lesson 2.5
thr 17 oct Excel Date/Time/Text Function EX L4 Assignment Seven MyEdcuator Lesson 3.5
tue 22 oct Excel Charting EX L5 Assignment Eight MyEdcuator Lesson 4.3  
thr 24 oct Excel Modeling EX L6 Assignment Nine MyEdcuator Lesson 5.6
tue 29 oct Excel Pivot Tables/A10 Midterm Review   Assignment Ten MyEdcuator Lesson 6.3
thr 31 oct GMETRIX PRE-MOS EXAM TRAINING QUIZ 1  (training version 20 pts) [GP2]    
tue 5 nov GMETRIX PRE-MOS EXAM TRAINING QUIZ 2  testing version 25 pts)  [GP3]    
thr 7 nov GMETRIX PRACTICE     
tue 12 nov GMETRIX PRE-MOS EXAM  TRAINING QUIZ 3 (testing version 50 pts) [GP4]   Assignment Eleven MyEdcuator Assessment (1-5)  
tue 19 nov Data and Knowledge Mgmt/Bus Intel CH 5/ CH 12  
thr 21 nov Intro to Access   Assignment Twelve Access In Class Assignment 
tue 26 nov MOS RETAKE    
thr 28 nov THANKSGIVING    
tue 3 dec Storing Data in Access    
thr 5 dec Database Queries AC L11 Assignment Thirteen MyEdcuator Lesson 11.5
tue 10 dec Intermediate Queries AC L12 Assignment Fourteen MyEdcuator Lesson 12.4
thr 12 dec Access Review AC L13 Assignment Fifteen MyEdcuator Lesson 13.5
tue 17 dec FINAL EXAM SECTION 09  11 AM to 1 PM 11-1 PM 11 AM to 1 PM
thr 19 dec FINAL EXAM SECTION 10  11 AM to 1 PM 11-1 PM  11 AM to 1 PM